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Concept artist - Art Director for films. Starwars : Mandalorian, Ahsoka Ready Player One. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
Слепил перса из скана @yurydud ,который мы сделали во время интервью. Ссылка на интервью у Юры в профиле.
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Some images I did for @bigmediumsmall_ 's new asset pack Grand Bazaar. Oh boy. It took a while to put this pack together. But once again the team at @bigmediumsmall_ did such a fantastic job. All the images above a pretty much raw renders from Unreal Engine 5. I had so much fun playing with these assets and cant wait to built something even bigger) Btw this pack and all others packs are 40% off. Use code:bfriday Have fun @unrealengine @bigmediumsmall_
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Haven't posted in a while. It has been a very busy year. The industry was down but I had an amazing time working with the fantastic team at @bigmediumsmall_ And ... doing my daily studies. Here is a little collection of some of the studies I've made throughout the year. All done in 3Dcoat. Slowly refining my sculpting style. Still a long way to go, but it is amazing what patience and consistency can lead to. There have been days I felt I can't sculpt at all, but I kept going. Keep on going in the new year! Wish you all the best!)
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I am so excited to finally launch this life drawing course with @kan_muftic We had this idea for a while to create a course which will help artists to finesse their drawing skills. Most of the time at work I use digital tools and 3D, but I strongly believe that a good understanding of traditional media and fundamentals such as gesture is a very crucial skill to portrait believable characters, creatures or even environments. More details about the course coming soon #lifedrawing #charcoal
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I've recently visited great people from @artec3d at their headquarters in Luxembourg. @artec3d are the makers of the fantastic 3D scanners that we have been using at @bigmediumsmall_ It was such an amazing experience to see their production line and how the 3Dscanners are put together. Pure craft. Can't wait to show you some projects I've been doing with 3D scanners. #artec #3dscanning
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A trailer for our upcoming course "Quick Gesture Drawing" by Kan Muftic. Early on in my career I was lucky enough to have teachers who emphasized the importance of gesture as a fundamental step stone in life drawing. Years later gesture practice helped me a lot in 3D, sculpting ,VR etc. In this 4-week mentorship course, Kan will be closely working with artists to improve their gesture studies and life drawing skills. If you need more information about the course, please visit en.mdp.school Or you can ask me directly. #lifedrawing #gesture
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A little teaser or something I've been working on with a good friend of mine and ultra talented artist @kan_muftic Kan is a phenomenal artist and for more than a decade we've been going to do life drawings here in London. Seeing him draw live and how he approached life drawing had a huge impact on my skills. On top of being so good at what he does, he is a fantastic teacher. So long story short. We are working on a life drawing mentorship course by Kan Muftic that will be released soon. These are some of the drawings I did following Kan's lectures. More to come. #lifedrawing
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Last Friday, KISKA had a special visitor: @jamajurabaev 🎥 Jama, Concept Artist at Lucasfilm London, has worked on projects like Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’, and ‘Kong: Skull Island’. And he gave a masterclass on using VR, Blender, and Unreal Engine for concept art, offering insights to boost our projects. Learning from industry experts like Jama is invaluable for broadening our horizons. Huge thanks to Jama for sharing his story at our HQ. Interested in hosting an Impulse Session? Share your experiences with the KISKA team by reaching out via the link in our bio. . . #KISKAEvent #ImpulseSession #ProfessionalDevelopment #KISKATraining #GraphicDesign #ProductDesign #VirtualReality #Blender #UnrealEngine
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I am excited to be at Lightbox this year. Wonderful event and I am so happy to be a part of it again. Can't wait to meet thousands of talented artists, talk art and get inspired. #lightbox2024
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May the 4th be with you! Not sure if I've posted this one. One of my favourite book covers I did for Star Wars. Also, I just got my tickets for SW celebration Japan 2025. The hype is real. Who else is coming? #starwars
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So proud to be a part of this gem from @3dtotal Being a huge Frazetta fan it meant a lot to me to pay a little tribute to his beautiful work alongside with many other fantastic artists. The book is available to buy from 3Dtotal store at: Store.3dtotal.com/frank-frazetta #frazetta
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A couple of months ago I did an interview with @yurydud , who is one of the most famous Russian speaking journalists making interviews around the world. Now the interview is available in English. Link in my bio. This interview is very personal to me. We talked about all the hurdles I had to overcome during my art journey. Shed light on some of my views on the current situation in the world, specifically in the post-soviet region. If you have some spare time,and need a bit of motivational push, give it a go.
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