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“Happiness is the secret to all beauty: there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness” — Christian Dior
The Amphores Tricolores are a tribute to high perfumery, to this heritage of savoir-faire and artisanal craftsmanship that Christian Dior considered the pillars of luxury. Mouth blown using a complex crystal “overlay” technique, the Amphores Tricolores requires savoir-faire that echoes the structural complexity of the couturier-perfumer’s most beautiful dresses. Two layers of crystal, the first transparent and the second colored, come together and are then sculpted by hand with all the precision of a goldsmith to reveal the crystalline details.   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums
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A celebration of exceptional savoir-faire, the legendary Amphores Tricolores, born in 1949, are reissued in a numbered limited edition. Symbolic colors of the French flag now proudly adorn 3 emblematic House creations: Miss Dior Parfum is dressed in red, L’or de J’adore is draped in white, while Diorissimo sports blue. The iconic amphora chosen by Christian Dior for his fragrances is once again in the spotlight, in the grand tradition of the prestige editions of the House.   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums
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Dior is also providing a space dedicated to men’s beauty, the first ever barber rooms at Dior Luxury Beauty Retreat Doha. From bespoke Dior Shave to the groundbreaking Dior Luxury Barber Experience, offered by Dior Beauty Grooming ambassador @Tchaga_ , every moment is crafted to elevate men’s beauty and wellness. Join @LouaiAlama in stepping into this world, where indulgence meets innovation, offering travelers a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, redefining the essence of travel with moments of pure bliss. @dnl.darmon #DiorBeauty #DiorSkincare #DiorSpa
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Dior is opening its first spa in an airport, at Doha Hamad in Qatar.   Sheltered from the hustle and bustle, the Dior Luxury Beauty Retreat Doha is an absolute cocoon that will delight visitors’ senses and reinvent the art of travel by providing a genuine moment of wellbeing.   #DiorBeauty #DiorSkincare #DiorSpa
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Embark on a journey through the art of well-traveling with Isabelle Drummond @Yeuxpapillon as she discovers the Dior Luxury Beauty Retreat Doha.   Set to inaugurate its doors in May 2024, this beacon of luxury and innovation beckons travelers to immerse themselves in a haven of well-being amid their journeys. It’s an exquisite invitation to restore harmony between mind and body, countering the effects of jet lag with unparalleled elegance and care.   @dnl.darmon #DiorBeauty #DiorSkincare #DiorSpa
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Dive into the world of Chia Huang, winner of the Dior Photography and Visual Arts for Young Talents, through an exclusive interview revealing the sources of inspiration that enrich her artistic creations. © @dnl.darmon #DiorBeauty #DiortheArtofColor
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The Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents 7th Edition proudly showcases the captivating works of emerging artists. In partnership with Luma Arles and the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, the exhibition ‘The Art of Color’ features the creations of thirteen artists selected by the jury, chaired by French photographer Brigitte Lacombe. © @dnl.darmon #DiorBeauty #DiortheArtofColor
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Christian Dior Parfums, the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, and Luma Arles are pleased to announce the winner of the 7th edition of the ‘Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents’: Chia Huang from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. © @andreacenetiempo #DiorBeauty #DiortheArtofColor
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Your summer saviors for face & body. Slip the Protective Face Cream and the Protective Body Cream into your bag to protect your skin wherever you are.   #DiorBeauty #DiorSkinCare #DiorSolar
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Stay safe & glowing this summer with the 3-step Dior Solar suncare ritual: the Protective Face Cream SPF 50, the After-Sun Balm and the Sublimating Oil create a complete routine for your face, body and hair. Skin is perfectly protected, hydrated and looks even more beautiful.   #DiorBeauty #DiorSkinCare #DiorSolar
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Escape to the Dioriviera for a couture summer thanks to the Dior Solar suncare range. Recreate a sunkissed glow and protect your face, body and hair with the Sublimating Oil*, the Self-Tanning Gel*, the Protective Face Cream and The Protective Body Cream.   *The products are for use after sun exposure and do not replace essential sun protection.   #DiorBeauty #DiorSkinCare #DiorSolar
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Capture stunning styles with Dior’s 775 Rose Tulle metallic shade from the Diorshow Mono Couleur eyeshadow collection. This soft pink, inspired by the elegant fabrics of the House, is perfect for achieving a timelessly sophisticated look. #DiorBeauty #DiorMakeup #Diorshow
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