10 months ago
It is said that if you want Maula Abbas ع to be Allah’s SWT waseela for your prayers, ask him ع to do so for the sake of his beloved niece, Sakina س Binte Imam Hussain ع. Alhumdulilah! recited “Ye Bali Sakina Hai” inside Haram E Maula Abbas ع in front of Zari E Maula Abbas ع. #yaAbbas #yasakina #yebalisakinahai
Baba ka gham tarpata hai💔😭
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Mola hame bhi bulaya Ameen
1 month ago
Plz pray me Ali jee
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😢😢😢😢😢😢Love you ali jee
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Y bali sakina ha 😢😢
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