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우리가 곧 부모가 됩니다. 👩🏻👶🏻👨🏻💍💛
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식초느낌이 아닌 동치미틱한 자연스러운 산미가 참 좋았다. #자양동 #평양냉면
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이 멤버라면 중국집에 둘이서가는거 인정? 할아버지 때부터 대대로 내려오는 레시피에 더해진 손주의 적절한 리터치. 절제된 편곡으로 멋지게 재탄생한 리메이크곡 처럼 친숙하면서도 세련된 중식을 노래할때보다 먹을때 더 섹시한 식영이형과 함께 먹어봤습니다. 최자로드9 - Link in bio☝️ #최자로드9 #압구정 #중식 #보보식당 #성시경
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최근에 가장 큰 영감을 받은 고기집에 최자로드팀과 방문 게스트는 무려 육식맨! 반찬 좋고 고기도 숯도 좋은 맛집에서 최고의 굽쇠와 함께한 복받은 돼지의 날 Link in bio☝️ #최자로드9 #우촌숯불갈비 #삼겹살 #돼지갈비 #매실장아찌 #고기왕 #육식맨
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The most flavorful, char-grilled, thinly sliced beef brisket I’ve had to date. 😮‍💨 📍평양집 Pyongyang House 186 Hangang-daero, Yongsan District, Seoul, South Korea 서울특별시 용산구 한강대로 186 Yo, @choiza11 and @gaekogeem of Dynamic Duo are my childhood rap heroes. I played their debut album, Taxi Driver, until the CD broke. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to build a personal relationship with them. Choiza 형, beyond being a stellar rap artist, has made a name for himself as a food connoisseur and a champion of mom-and-pop restaurants throughout Korea via his ongoing show @choizaroad_official . He was gracious enough to take me to Pyongyang House 평양집, an old-school joint beloved by both the old and young in the Samkagji 삼각지 neighborhood of Seoul, just a stone’s throw from the former U.S. military base. As soon as you walk in, you feel the bustling energy and the intense heat from the charcoal grills, expeditiously grilling the meat, adding a powerful, smoky flavor to each bite. I also tried spinal cord mixed with sesame oil for the first time and learned about the concept of Matbaegi 맛배기 when ordering gukbap 국밥. Mat 맛 means “taste” and 배기 means “slight,” so it’s a smaller serving than usual. If you want a bowl of soup and rice after a gargantuan meal but don’t want your stomach to explode, this is what you get. As you can see, it was a righteous experience. Aight, peace and blessings. 🙏🏼
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전국구 맛집에도 절대 지지않는 동네 이자카야 난 이집 나폴리탄이 정말 좋다. 먹는거 좋아하는 형이랑 먹는거 얘기하면서 배터지게 먹았던날 link in bio ☝️ #최자로드8 #금호동 #마케나이데 #이자카야 #김풍 #나폴리탄 #마파두부
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최고의 아티스트 거미와 함께 갑니다!
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이정도 디테일의 순대와 돈설을 서울에서 만났다는건 어마어마한 행운이다. 어느 비오는 날 오후 재환이랑 패디랑 명지대 앞에서 Link in bio ☝️ #최자로드9 #순대 #돈설수육 #명지대 #봉구네가마솥순대국
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Best friend
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새로운 시도가 난무하는 장난끼 가득한 공간이지만 맛에서 만큼은 진지했다. 남영돈 이웃사촌 남영탉 feat. 시하아빠 Link in bio ☝️ #최자로드9 #남영동 #남영탉 #bewhy
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