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Forever pissing off @themartyharper cause I keep moving while he’s trying to do my hair
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1. sherbet girl in NYC @sarahpardini 2. IM A STAR! 3. Hey MTV welcome to my crib 4. @jogia and I using every brain cell to pay attention 5. All the hitz 6. Pre slime 7. Tastes like high school
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Lucky - July 26th ⭐️
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My sweet friend Bella. The brightest, most charming soul. The strongest and most fearless girl to ever live. Bella affected everyone who crossed her path. It was my absolute honor and privilege to call her a friend for these years. And I am so grateful to her incredible mommy @kylact for letting me know Bella. Please give her family your love and support at this time. I hope everyone watches videos of Bella. She could make you laugh like no other. She was a born entertainer, a firecracker, a superstar. Like magic in a bottle. Even when she was fighting hard and it was “no more sillies” time, you couldn’t help but smile when she came to mind or you saw her face. and I know she’ll continue to put a smile on so many faces forever. #BellaBrave 🩷
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Happy Birthday Ender! You’re 3! 🦖 The brightest, funniest, most empathetic, creative, and kind soul. I love everything about you. Everyday I am reminded how lucky I am to be your mommy. Every year since you were born is the new best year of my life.
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🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷 @sarahpardini
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outtakes part 3
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SPOILER AHEAD IN THIS SWIPE!!! I hope you all get a chance to see @maxxxinemovie in theaters 🩸🔪 It was an absolute dream to be a part of this incredible cinematic universe, and to work with / witness such an unbelievable cast and crew at the hands of the great Ti West! And absolute icon Mia Goth 🤍 I worked on this film during a rollercoaster time in my life and I will always cherish the memories of this set. ⭐️
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wet hot canadian summer
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When I was 5, it always felt like Britney was singing directly to me. 24 years later, these words hit different. love you forever ⭐️
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outtakes part 2
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