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Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, 3X Bestselling Author, 8 books, fmr Host of a Pod & TV Show, Chief Operating Officer, and Rabble Rouser for Equity.
Investing in employee development and training is crucial for fostering growth, innovation, and retention within organizations. Not only does it empower individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge, but it also cultivates a culture of continuous learning and improvement. I’m a Professional Trainer and I would love to help you with your professional development plan for your employees. Reach out— we can customize it just for your team. #EmployeeDevelopment #Training #ContinuousLearning #learninganddevelopment #professionalspeaker
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3 months ago
So much fun today with @ticortitle_socal ! What a phenomenal group of people! Thank you all for playing with me— I enjoyed you so much! 🩵🌊🩵
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3 months ago
ASPIRING SPEAKERS: Are you able to grab me? I recently joined in on a coaching for a group of aspiring Speakers and got to give feedback as a seasoned pro in the industry. The thing that came to me is that there are pieces of a presentation that are absolutely essential and sometimes we don’t learn them until we’ve been in the industry for a bit. For me, it was clear that the openings were lacking. Your opening needs to grab me fast. Don’t waste time telling me how you got here— grab me by the short hairs with something interesting, challenging, thought-provoking, or even shocking. Snap me to attention. Make me sit up straight. Your audience has a lot on their mind, so bring them into your sphere fast. Remember this: People remember first what they heard last, and most what they heard first. This law of Speaking is telling you that your two power points in a presentation are in your opening and your closing. Put the time in to perfect these two areas of your keynote. Make these two spots really powerful and memorable. Make me feel. Make me think. Make me sit on the edge of my seat. Make me want to stay glued to your message. You’ve got this! #motivationalspeaker #keynotespeakers #speaker #eventspeaker
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4 months ago
We just got back from a week in Costa Rica and it was GLORIOUS! Monkeys, sloths, iguanas, crocodiles, boats, zip lining, repelling, beach… Pura Vida! #costarica #puravida #keynotespeaker #phoenix #manuelantonio
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4 months ago
I had the best time doing the keynote for Orbit 2024! The audience was absolutely fantastic and I loved every minute— thank you all for playing with me! HIGH FIVE 🖐️💥🖐️ #keynotespeaker #eventplanner #speakers #motivationalspeaker #impactmakers #impact @planetdds
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4 months ago
I’m excited to have been chosen as one of the TOP 100 SPEAKERS TO WATCH IN 2024! I’m sitting in the number five-oh spot and I’m so grateful to @motivatormusic for adding me to their impressive list. Let’s do this 2024! #keynotespeaker #speaker #top100speaker #speakersbureau #eventprofs #eventprofsuk
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6 months ago
2023 #yearinreview : You brought a ton of travel, loads of time with friends, joy and stability with my love, and abundance with my work. Sadly, you also brought two of the biggest losses of my life, which still steal my breath to this day. Thank you for another year. 🙏 Let’s do this 2024! #keynotespeaker #speaker #motivationalspeaker #phoenixarizona
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6 months ago
Finishing up my third event this week and I am definitely feeling a buzzy energy and riding high! Today’s keynote is about being an extraordinary leader and putting your people first. I’ll be speaking from 11:00-12:30 Pacific. Also, this one is open to the public! If you’d like to join this event today, you can register here: /RippleFESTVIP #keynotespeaker #speaker #eventprofs #phoenix #onedropmovement
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7 months ago
I decided to step out and conquer a fear. You may not know that I hate to post pictures of myself, when I’m BY MYSELF. I just hate it… I have to do it for work, but it’s painful. Well, another thing you may not know about me is that I’m a big lover of fashion and design. I spend most of my downtime redesigning spaces or watching #fashion and #styling #trends . I guess it’s my creative outlet. I’ve been encouraged by friends and family to post my outfits of the day and I’ve rejected it for a couple years. Welllll, I finally decided to do it. I’m posting my #OOTD on Threads and leaning into that long-standing fear of posting a picture of myself. Aaaaack!! These images will get better, my game will improve, and I’m sure it’ll look more slick at some point… but for now it’s just me snapping a pic and looking awkward AF. 😂 No fancy brand tags, no expensive out of touch stuff… just me loving fashion and putting stuff on that is on point, current, and hopefully relatable. So, if you want to see what I’m putting together, come on over to #Threads and let’s play! @jenbuckspeaks
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7 months ago
Such a fabulous time in Taos with family this weekend! We got about 8 inches of snow, which meant a fireplace and snuggling in was on the menu— we loved every moment. ♥️ #taos #newmexico #thanksgiving #keynotespeaker #motivationalspeaker
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7 months ago
That time when four bright, well read, educated people had their overconfident a$$es handed to them at an escape room. Holy hell. 60 minutes of utter decimation of the ego, but tons of fun! #escapetheroom #keynotespeaker #speakerlife #speaker #scottsdale
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8 months ago
Thank you ComEd and the Network of Exelon Women for welcoming me today! Curating, tweaking, mastering, and Maximizing Your Personal Brand is necessary if you’re going to plant your flag and leave a mark. They need to know about the magic you bring and the awesome sauce you’re serving… and it’s your job to be fully in control of the narrative. I believe that it’s our time to step into the rooms where the biggest decisions are being made. I believe that it is time for women to right the societal wrongs. I believe it’s YOUR TIME. #keynotespeaker #eventspeaker #womenleading #womenhelpingwomen #personalbranding
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8 months ago