Don’t wear what everybody else is wearing - 💎 design your perfect dress with your style & shape @sophiamalinawild
Let me tell you this! Be Brave. Be Different. There lies a lot of magic in you! - 7 years I worked in Tech Companies. Then I finally decided for one of the biggest changes in my life so far when I met @malina.wild . I quit my job and joined Sophia with @sophiamalinawild . Breaking standards in the fashion industry while combining modern designs using high quality dead stock fabrics with technology - so that every women can design their own style. It’s unreal what I experienced the past 2 years. But what I can tell you is - stepping out of your comfort zone, being brave to break the common rules is a life changing feeling. We are all so different & everyone of us has their own magic strengths. Let them out! I’m beyond proud to show the world our mission, our powerful designs @perfect.runway ! #bebrave #bedifferent #beyou #businesswoman #luxurylabel
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✨OUR FIRST FASHION SHOW 45 Meter Run Way & wir durften die Show eröffnen. Es ist eine Ehre & wir sind immer noch geflasht Euch unsere AURORA Kollektion zu präsentieren. Danke an @perfect.runway 🫶 #fashionshow #springsummercollection #luxuryfashion
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🩷💛🩵Dear women, be proud of yourself, show your true self & let’s combine our female power to be stronger together! #womenempowerment #womensday #empowerment #femaleentrepreneur #confident #boldwomen #shecity
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//In ihrem hellblauen Kleid verkörpert sie Weiblichkeit und Eleganz in ihrer schönsten Form! 🩵🤍 - Sie spürt den weichen und angenehmen Stoff auf der Haut, zieht alle Blicke auf sich und strahlt in vollem Selbstwert in die Welt hinaus! #sophiamalinawild 🌞DESIGNE DIR DEIN KLEID & STRAHLE AUCH DU! Stoff: Malina Blue -100% Baumwolle #kleider #weiblichkeit #springfressrs #weddingguestdress #occassionwear #dresses #fashionstore #münchen #bluedress #outfitinspiration
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Beautiful WEDDING from @katie__millers & @stvn_mlr 👰🏻 Are you a bride-to-be, searching for the perfect wedding dress for your special day? Jede Braut ist einzigartig! Daher ist unser Kleid-Designer genau das richtige Tool um dein Traum Kleid auf deine Wünsche zu gestalten. 🤍 For every Style & Personality!🤍 Egal, ob du ein klassisches elegantes Kleid, ein besonderes Standesamtkleid oder ein luftiges Strandbrautkleid suchst- bei uns wirst du fündig! Unsere Kleider werden mit Liebe und Sorgfalt entworfen, wobei nur die feinsten Stoffe und Materialien verwendet werden. Du heiriatest 2024? Dann schreib uns gerne an. Wir beraten dich und kreieren gemeinsam dein individuelles Kleid, welches dein Herz berühren wird. #sophiamalinawildbridal #bridetobe #weddingdress
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This year was a rollercoaster full of growth but also challenges but I have never felt more good! ✨ And if you don’t try - you’ll never know 💁‍♀️ #femalefounder #startuplife #reflection
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…but showing your curves in your perfect fitted dress is! Deine Wünsche werden in wenigen Minuten zur Realität - Mix & Match im Kleiddesigner mit perfekterPassform & Länge🫰🏼 #custommadedress #luxuryfashion
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Are you prepared to make your Date speechless for theatre night? 🎭🍸 Shop your dress now to sparkle! Custom made by you or limited collection. #custommadedress #datenight #dressup #outfitinspiration
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ZOÉ LU & Sophia Malina Wild
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BEAUTIFUL BRIDE | 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐬 - 𝐈𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐲 𝟐𝟑 🤍 Dress: @sophiamalinawild 🤍Location: @villadeicipressi #bride #dreamwedding #dreamweddingdress #italywedding #bridalcouture #weddingdress #weddingvibes
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My heart, filled with so much love for you @stvn_mlr . Let our love bloom even more every day - thanks for all of our loved ones for such a special weekend filled with pure joy & love ❤️🤌🏼 #themillerswedding #love #grateful
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Celebrating our Love! 🤍❤️🤍 I am truly melting of pure happiness & gratitude that I have met you that one night in a club. Lost in time, we danced and talked hours away. Turned out to be the luckiest night I’ve ever had. Since then, every day with you is the best & I am thrilled for all the years ahead of us. You & me forever, baby 🫶🫶 @stvn_mlr #civilwedding #foreverlove #weddingday #soulmate
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