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Ready for the sights, the sounds (and the snacks) that Montreal has to offer! 😋🥯 It’s #CanadianGP weekend! #LEGOVehicles
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1 month ago
The Rebel adventure is building 🧱 5.3.2024
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2 months ago
We want everyone to feel welcome to our LEGO experiences. ❤️ Making this happen is an ongoing process and as part of our journey, we're excited to partner with KultureCity® to make our stores more inclusive and accessible to neurodivergent fans with sensory needs and non-visible disabilities. @legohouse is now certified as KultureCity Sensory Inclusive™ and US and Canada stores will be certified throughout April. Details of the roll out to more stores to follow later this year. Visit our website for more details. Link in bio. #InclusivePlay #LEGOPlayForAll #autismacceptancemonth Video description: Mum Catey with her son Liam, mum Samantha with her daughter Isabella, and Sean, a man in his thirties, are visiting the LEGO store in the Flatiron district of New York, America. Liam, Isabella and Sean are all LEGO fans. KultureCity Executive Director, Uma, is interviewed to talk about what the certification means. Store manager, Duanys, engages with visitors throughout the film incl. lending out the sensory bags at the till. Liam, Isabella and Sean all try out the tools in the sensory bags, as they walk around the store and enjoy the experiences available. LEGO House footage also shows children at LEGO House using the KultureCity Sensory bag contents with the help of staff members.
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3 months ago
The summer sun has got us like. 🫠
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1 day ago
What’s your Peppa holiday style? Swipe then share with a friend, so you can plan a Peppa getaway together… OiNK!
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2 days ago
Ben is preparing a delicious meal for Bumpy, but some of his rabbit friends get the wrong end of the carrot stick. They think the food is for them! That is until Bumpy comes along… Watch this LEGO® stop motion to see more! Watch Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, now streaming on Netflix.   📸 @thekalais   #LEGO #LEGOJurassicWorld #JurassicWorld #Bumpy #JurassicWorldChaosTheory #Dinosaurs
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3 days ago
Holidays don’t last forever, but the memories do!   Build your unforgettable memories with the LEGO Travel Moments set 🗺️   #LEGO #TravelMoments #FamilyMoments #TravelMemories
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4 days ago
Smart, fast, and loves LEGO bricks? Hi @landonorris 😎
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5 days ago
These LEGO Masters Epic Smashes are INCREDIBLE 😮 #LEGO #LEGOMasters #Funny
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6 days ago
Ready to pounce into your next adventure? 😸 Find it in Fortnite!
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6 days ago
how do you organize your bricks? By color 🌈 or element 🧱? 📸 @lifewithlainee
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7 days ago
This year’s route for the LEGO House bike race starts with a stage past the Tree of Creativity, continues to the DUPLO brick pool, a sprint stage in the Blue Zone and a mountain stage in the amazing landscape of World Explorer 🚴‍♂️🌳⛰️   #LEGOHouse #LEGO #BikeRace
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7 days ago