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People pay me to write things on the internet. I'm as surprised by this as you are. Chicagoan / wife / 2nd favorite human to 2 dogs
Cubs game
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2 months ago
This was pretty neat and unexpected. The New Republic listed me as one of its "25 Political Influencers to Watch in 2024" "If Parker Molloy (@parkermolloy on social platforms) has worn many hats over her long career—editor, award-winning media critic, freelance essayist—she’s brought them all to her eclectic and winningly conversational newsletter of political and cultural commentary, The Present Age, which showcases her keen eye and sophisticated critical skills. The Present Age is an excellent destination for people who want to break free from fast-and-loose takes or analysis that gets laden with in-group shorthand. This is part of the plan, Molloy told TNR: 'When I’m writing a newsletter, I’m doing so with two distinct groups in mind: journalists and the average politically minded American. If members of each group can read one of my posts and come away with a new outlook on things, I’d call that a success, even if their outlook isn’t a mirror of my own.'”
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2 months ago
At Navy Pier yesterday
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3 months ago
Went to the Shedd Aquarium with some friends today
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4 months ago
Needed a trip to @superdawgdrivein 🌭
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5 months ago
I recently got a Fender Shields Blender and it is the absolute most fun I've ever had with a guitar pedal.
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5 months ago
Bought a new guitar pedal yesterday 🎸
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6 months ago
Our winter explorers. @chicagogremlins
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6 months ago
🐦 🎻
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7 months ago
Took the @chicagogremlins to see Santa today 🎅🏻 🐶
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7 months ago
We went to the park today and Tater Tot got to meet his mom (they were both from the same rescue, and this was a meet up of people who had dogs from that rescue)!
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8 months ago
Went to a friend's baby shower, got a tattoo, as one does as these sorts of events. (It's a lit match.)
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9 months ago