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I don't get jealous of other people's wins, I get inspired...
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I'll tell you what YouTube Automation definitely isn't: It's not an easy way to make money online uploading low-quality, repetitive videos. Instead, it's all about creating good content that people actually want to watch... But doing it in a way where you're just the business person behind the channel, and not the actual face of the channel.
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It took me 3+ years to learn all this, but I'm giving it away to you for free.
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The average American spends 408 days driving to & from work during their lifetime... 😳
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It's important to note that this is not the average that 44k views will pay you on YouTube. In fact, this is the highest RPM I've even seen on a YouTube video ($100 for every 1k views) The video is just a website tutorial, showing people how to set up a TikTok shop account. Topics like this that are either very specific/business-related almost always get a much higher RPM than topics like movies, sports, etc. It's because the people who watch this content are more likely to be entrepreneurs & willing to spend money. That makes them a more attractive audience for advertisers, therefore they're willing to pay more for ads on your videos. There's a lot going on behind the scenes, but here's the TLDR: Find a high-paying YouTube niche and you won't need millions of views to make good money.
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On today's list of outrageous things that celebrities have done...
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Okay, here's how this actually works... Google is the parent company of YouTube and they have something in place called the YouTube Partner Program. This was designed for YouTube creators who post content on the platform in order to reward their work. Basically, it's the program through which YouTubers get paid for their views. But regular people have found a way to take advantage of it without having millions of subscribers, or even filming themselves. Just for context, YouTube is expected to pay people $18 billion in 2024 alone so this is a pretty big thing... Now, how are we able to do this? We create faceless YouTube channels and outsource the work to freelancers online: scripting, editing, voice overs, thumbnails. Running a channel like this takes 1-2 hours a day since all the owner does is find video ideas and manage his team. And since YouTuve pays you for the views on your videos through the Partner Program, you keep most of the revenue for yourself. I've been personally using this model for the past 4 years and I've helped hundreds of complete beginners start their own channels. If you're someone who wants to set up investments that pay for your living expenses, I highly recommend you look into faceless YouTube channels. Click the link in my bio and I'll help you get started.
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Here are 3 pieces of advice from someone who made over $180k from one faceless YouTube channel...
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Comment the word "YouTube" below and I'll explain exactly how this works 👇🏻
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The barrier of entry has never been lower for someone looking to diversify their income through an online business...
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Podcasting sounds like a great idea until you actually try filming a podcast yourself... And you realise how long it takes. There's a good reason 90% of podcasts never make it past 3 uploads..
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