Red Vegus


Kulture King 👑 TMF4LIFE Recording Artist, producer, and performer from las Vegas Nevada
Representing the HipHop Culture 🙏 celebrating it's 50th anniversary and the History Month, We are dedicating our performance to the Father Emcee Coke La Rock A legendary HipHop pioneer! Thank you to all the Pioneers of the Culture without you it would be no me!! Big Shout-out to @defmass @containerpark
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8 months ago
Available Now on your favorite digital platforms! "Respect My Crown" Told Y'all we are #barruning in 2024
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3 months ago
Full Performance
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3 months ago
Voting is still open , For those who wasn't able to vote Red Vegus 1 . Las Vegas Male artist 2. Raising Star 3. Verge Artist Thanks again 🙏 🙏 🙏 Direct link 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 /vote-1 Las Vegas Black Music Awards #lvbma2024 #lasvegasblackmusicaward #blinkshowtv #hiphopculture #redvegus #culture
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2 days ago
So Y'all know this is what we do! We R Culture ! Peep out the Li Homie ! @lilkkhustle We both are nominated for our works!!! We R Next Generation of hip hop #lvbma2024 #artisoftheyear2024 #lasvegasblackmusicaward #risingstar2024 #redvegus #blinkshowtv #Verge Las Vegas Black Music Awards BlinkShow TV @highlight
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5 days ago
Coming to Shreveport Louisiana @youngsuperfly22 Ratchet City tour 2024 "If your l👀King ,We C👀King You Buying,We Frying You Treating, I'M Eating " Official Sponsor of RED VEGUS
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