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Proud American, Californian & family man. Investing in the people & solutions driving climate progress. NYT Bestseller: Cheaper, Faster, Better.
Today is the day. Cheaper, Faster, Better is out in the world. I wrote this book to not only highlight the sobering realities of climate change today but the optimism in the new technology solutions that are bubbling up every day. There’s no better time to start making a difference in the world. Order your copy from your favorite retailer at the link in my bio.
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1 month ago
It has officially been one month since Cheaper, Faster, Better hit bookstore shelves around the country. I have enjoyed meeting and speaking with so many of you about how climate change is touching your lives and what you are doing to play your part. Together, we will win the war. Order your copy today through the link in my bio.
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24 days ago
Wrapping up my book tour this week feeling grateful for everyone who has supported the release of #CheaperFasterBetter . I am more confident than ever that together, we will win the war against climate. If you have not read it yet, you can order your copy here: /cheaper-faster-better/.
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1 month ago
Thanks to all of you, #CheaperFasterBetter is officially a @nytimes Bestseller. I wrote this book because the news out of the natural world is alarming, but the solutions and technology needed to win the climate war are here and everyone has the ability to be a “climate person.” Your engagement and support continues to give me hope that we can take on this challenge and win together.
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1 month ago
A behind-the-scenes look at my recent conversation with @cbsnews about my new book Cheaper, Faster, Better. Journalists play a vital role in helping people understand the effects of climate change and the impacts of new technologies. Order your copy today through the link in my bio and watch the full segment here: /video/tom-steyer-how-to-win-war-against-climate-change/
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1 month ago
It has been wonderful to meet and speak with so many of you this week at @politicsprose in D.C. and the @yale Innovation Summit. The #CheaperFasterBetter tour continues next week in California with Clara Jeffery and @janefonda ! Get your tickets below. 6/4 - San Francisco: /event/tom-steyer-winning-climate-war/ 6/5 - Los Angeles: /events/tom-steyer-with-jane-fonda/
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1 month ago
Thank you, New York, for a wonderful first stop of the Cheaper, Faster, Better book tour earlier this week! I am more hopeful than ever before that together we can win the war on climate. Looking forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks in D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
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1 month ago
Recording the audiobook for CHEAPER, FASTER, BETTER was a rewarding experience, and it really brought the book to life for me. You can start streaming the audiobook this Tuesday at your favorite retailer, including @audible and @spotify .
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1 month ago
Looking forward to kicking off the Cheaper, Faster, Better book tour tonight at the @nypl with David Wallace-Wells! Learn more and register for a stop near you below. 5/22 - New York: /events/programs/2024/05/22/tomsteyer 5/29 - Washington, D.C: /tom-steyer 6/4 - San Francisco: /event/tom-steyer-winning-climate-war/ 6/5 - Los Angeles: /events/tom-steyer-with-jane-fonda/
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2 months ago
I have always admired Vice President Al Gore for being one of the earliest pioneers to address climate change. Al, thank you for taking the time to read my new book. Only one more week until my book goes on sale. Preorder today at the link in my bio and be one of the first to read Cheaper, Faster, Better!
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2 months ago
Come join me at one of my launch events for Cheaper, Faster, Better this summer. We have some incredible conversations lined up with David Wallace-Wells, Clara Jeffery, Bill McKibben, and Jane Fonda. Find the nearest city to you below!
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2 months ago
On #IndependentBookstoreDay , I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude for indie booksellers across the country. Independent bookstores play a crucial role in our communities, connecting people with incredible books with a personal touch. As I gear up for the launch of CHEAPER, FASTER, BETTER, I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from booksellers (like Cheryl Popp, owner of @sausalitobooks , pictured here).
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2 months ago