THANK YOU QUEEN 🙇‍♀️🧎‍♀️❤😭 Let's hit Daebak on your new drama #JinxedAtFirst ##JinxedAtFirstEp1 #JinxedAtFirstEp2 #SEOHYUN #QUEEN #SEOMATE p.s just finished my class, and YES i'm still trembling AF 🙂
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2 years ago
YAY my @acwell_official Licorice pH balancing cleansing toner has arrived 🥳 As soon as I read that my role model, bias, love @seojuhyun_s is the new muse for the brand I automatically click the product, keep it to my wishlist😆 and now that the product is hereee can I get Seohyun luminous, glowing perfect skin on my face too??? 🥹 Soooo excited plus curious to use the product and how my skin will react 😚🥰😆
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1 year ago
#SEOHYUN is trending #1 on naver news! The article written about her attending the @dolcegabbana event last week #서현
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1 year ago