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10 hours ago
I wrote an entire book with the subtitle HOW TO HEAL OUR LIBERAL DIVIDE so I have some thoughts about the Democrats being in disarray as they decide what to do with the 2024 ticket. There are 3 options: 1. Biden/Harris 2. Harris 3. Chaos The first 2 have Kamala in the mix and imo they are also the only winning options for Democrats. What do y’all think?
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1 day ago
Congresswoman @repjacksonlee was a true champion for racial justice and a fierce advocate for black people. I always loved engaging with her on the most important issues and she will be missed. Rest in Power. P.S. I miss my show and the ability to bring specials like this one to life. This special we did was called "The 91 Percent: A conversation on the political power — and future — of Black women" 🙌🏾
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2 days ago
Why is this tiktok I made a year ago still relevant 😩🥹
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3 days ago
Say who you want to replace Biden or sit down.
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4 days ago
I almost fell asleep too.
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5 days ago
There is nothing soft about demonizing immigrants or saying that Democrat led cities (code for black people live there!) are riddled with crime. That’s racism and we need to talk about it. The racism isn’t baked in. It’s a disqualifying feature of Trump era GOP.
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5 days ago
Ohio @repshontel on the selection of Ohio Senator JD Vance to be Trump’s new VP nominee.
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6 days ago
@repcleaver says the goal should be CIVILITY not unity. 🙌🏾
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6 days ago
Watching the RNC is like watching the flashbacks in the handmaids tale. The selection of JD Vance only validates my fears about how extreme the GOP has become. Vote y’all.
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7 days ago
This morning I spoke with @replbr (she’s also running for Senate in Delaware) about how to take the temperature down in our political discourse in the wake of Saturday’s shooting.
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7 days ago
I’m considering doing multiple parts explaining how Trump’s #Project2025 is a Republican manifesto to consolidate white power as America evolves into a multiracial democracy. It’s an authoritarian playbook yes, but it exists because white conservatives want to hold on to power. Do y’all understand?
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9 days ago