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I’m in love and I’m obsessed
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Served with @tommyhilfiger
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Watches ‘Challengers’ once… 🤣🎾 @tommyhilfiger
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Humidity index of 100
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Makes me want a hot dog reeeeaaaallllllll bad
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What a night.
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Sun, sea and a lot of tequila
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MAY: where I spent most of the month in a plane Thank you to my team and village who allow me to live out my dreams even at 35,000 feet in the air
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🇧🇷Brazil episode is OUT! Heading back to Brazil felt like a homecoming - so great to be there and already can’t wait to go back. This is episode 4/4 which means if you haven’t seen any of them yet, you can now binge watch all of them! This has been such an incredible experience, from pre production to filming to editing and now getting to watch them all with you. Thank you for letting me live out my dream. Combining my love of people, history and culture through the lens of beverages and getting to share it all with you. ❤️ thirst. streaming now on @streamonmax Special thanks to my friends in Brazil: @camilacoutinho @novofogo pedro.mccardell @karinaabras @nandodaquino @brunubb @ostradamusrestaurante @rufus.bar
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@dior Cruise Show Scotland
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Just a casual garden party at the castle
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