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It was a pleasure having you my dear friend Brigitte. Big thanks and hugs
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DAVID GARRETT AWARD WINNER Munich, I am proud that we won the Vegas Movie Awards for this project together!
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Las Vegas red carpet - Nominated SPACE TABLE SYMPHONY best music video of the year
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The First Light of Dawn – Mayk Azzato’s „THE 439 ART COLLECTION“ THE 439 ART COLLECTION Mayk Azzato’s „THE 439 ART COLLECTION“ is an exclusive set of 439 limited NFTs alongside three unique art pieces that encapsulate Mayk’s extensive travels and experiences as a photographer, filmmaker, and artist. This project, created in collaboration with Can Florian Ahegger—who has extensive expertise in building and strategically advising international artists and global brands in the realms of web3 (Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, AI) and brand development—is the first major milestone in Mayk’s web3 journey. Aimed at offering his circle of family and friends something distinct and enduring, these digital artworks are uniquely secured on the blockchain, ensuring their rarity and permanence. Blockchain technology anchors each piece’s authenticity and ownership, signifying a transformative shift in how art is owned and valued. This collection not only represents Mayk’s pioneering foray into the digital frontier but also heralds more innovative future projects on the horizon. Available only for guests of the 100th Film Award event. Just the Beginning Beyond the allure of the perfect frame, Mayk brings his creative prowess to the world of movies. His collaborative spirit and adept direction turn film sets into vibrant spaces of artistic synergy. With a laid-back demeanor and an unassuming approach, he transforms routine productions into collaborative masterpieces, leaving a lasting imprint on the film industry. We are very excited to announce the first international celebrity NFT project of Mayk Azzato in partnership with Can Florian Ahegger (Founder & CEO of CA Agentur, the brand strategy and web3 agency, and Director of Partnership & Digital Museum GRIDX in Luxembourg, CA Agentur and GRIDX). Art2People, a new and unique crypto collective founded by Can Florian Ahegger, aims to support artists in both the digital and physical space. This initiative combines connoisseurship, collecting, and engaging new audiences in an interactive way of producing and distributing digital artworks. More updates are coming soon.
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ZEIT ZUM GENIESSEN mit dem THOMAS ANDERS - ROSÉ SEKT BRUT by @st_antony l WERBUNG Der neue ROSÉ SEKT ist ab sofort erhältlich und rundet das „ANDERS WEINE-Sortiment“ nach dem harmonisch trockenen Grauburgunder und dem fruchtig-frischen Rosé das perfekte TRIO ab, in erfolgreicher Kooperation mit dem leidenschaftlichen Winzer und Weingutbetreiber Dirk Würtz. LINK IN BIO 🎬 by @mayk_azzato Venue @faehrhaus_koblenz Oldtimer by @depot3_oldtimer H & M by @sachaschuette Idea & Organisation by @claudiaweidung_anders Outfit - Leatherjacket Original Vintage Style Loan from my father in law @hanserichhess l Back to the 80‘s #thomasanders #rosesekt #weingutstantony #andersgenusswelt #andersweine #winelover #cooperation @derwuertz #sekt #onlineshop #mercedesbenz #oldtimer #300sl #depot3
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CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN @kevincostner for HORIZON @horizonamericansaga 📷: Mayk Azzato
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Ooni ke mikhastam… 🥂✨ Photography by the great @mayk_azzato 📸✨ #maykazzato #maykazzatophotography #kamranhooman #kamranandhooman
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What a feeling-!? Over 400 people practicing Yoga- Lu Jong ( Guests practicing Tibetan Yoga) in the wonderful Red Sea - Egypt. During the time of Location- and foodscouting… later more-! …….. by the way we all champions a new world record ……
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Las Vegas Movie Awards - Best music video of the year 2023
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BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR Space table symphony Winner VEGAS MOVIE AWARDS Director Mayk Azzato
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